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22 Apr

Pe primul loc in topul brokerilor de asigurari din judetul Constanta

[:ro] [:en] Verasig obtained first place in Constanta county in the Insurance Market Awards Gala 2013 edition. Obtaining thisposition in the Insurance Market Awards Gala is a distinct positioning for Verasig in the insurance market and a confirmation of the quality of services offered by Verasig. Insurance Market Awards Gala aims at creating new standards […]

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19 Feb

Premiul special pentru performanta in brokerajul de asigurari

[:ro] [:en] At the Insurance Brokers Awards Gala in recognition of our 2012 performance, Verasig was awarded with the Special Award for Performance in Insurance Brokerage. XPRIMM Trophy for Excellence was awarded to us due to our high degree of specialization of the types of consultancy undertaken, a comprehensive consultancy activity and reliable in solving […]

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11 Oct

Verasig se muta in noul sediu principal din Constanta

[:ro] [:en] We are pleased to announce an important event in Verasig evolution,and that is moving our business activity in the new premises in  General Manu Street no.48A-50 Constanta, on 5 november. The new headquater comes as a natural evolution after 7 years of performance in the national brokerage. To the 7 years experience in […]

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03 Jul

Verasig Ancora

[:ro] [:en] A complete package of special solution for cabin cruiser  for specific risks that offers: Full standard protection Coverage damage risks of the hull and equipment during transport peridoc from the dealer, after purchase, to the place of storage. Ensuring risk fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, atmospheric phenomena, collision with vehicles, vandalism, slip / crash […]

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21 May

O echipa cu Performanta Constanta

[:ro] [:en] For the 2nd consecutive year, Mr. Gabriel Octavian Nicholas, general manager of Verasig Broker ranks on 2and place in the national top of the best consultants ING Life Insurance and 1st place in the Eastern Region. Verasig team is based on managers with solid experience and outstanding results on life and non-life insurance […]

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18 Aug

Verasig a sustinut Expozitia Cartofila Nationala

[:ro] [:en] Verasig endorse the making of the biggest cartofil exhibition from Romania that took place on 12 august at Art Museum in Constanta and runs until 19 august. In a special cadre the organizers, with Verasig Insurance and Re-insurance Broker support, have rake up the image of Constanta and Romania 100 years ago by […]

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01 Jul

Asigurari de garantie

[:ro] [:en] Contractual bond insurances provided by Verasig offer you the guaranteed assumption given by the insurer for any risk arising as a result of implementation of contracts. The bond insurance contract is a contract through whom the insurer guarantees that he will pay contractual and legal obligations. Insurance policy covers risks from nonperformance or […]

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