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19 Jun

Schimbarile climatice necesita o atentie constanta si protectie corespunzatoare

[:ro] [:en] The report „Modeling Disaster and Climate Change” published by Lloyd’s of London concludes that climate change is a reality and must be included in all future schemes for modeling catastrophes. Thus, „due to the effects of climate change and the global insurance industry, companies specializing in specific catastrophe risk modeling must take into […]

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03 Jul

Verasig Ancora

[:ro] [:en] A complete package of special solution for cabin cruiser  for specific risks that offers: Full standard protection Coverage damage risks of the hull and equipment during transport peridoc from the dealer, after purchase, to the place of storage. Ensuring risk fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, atmospheric phenomena, collision with vehicles, vandalism, slip / crash […]

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01 Jul

Asigurari de garantie

[:ro] [:en] Contractual bond insurances provided by Verasig offer you the guaranteed assumption given by the insurer for any risk arising as a result of implementation of contracts. The bond insurance contract is a contract through whom the insurer guarantees that he will pay contractual and legal obligations. Insurance policy covers risks from nonperformance or […]

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